Why Choose Us?

Inspired Life Cruises is about creating a cruise experience like no other. You will experience workshops hosted by some of the best Facilitators in their fields. If you want to be inspired, want to work on your mindset, learn how to take the necessary steps to change your life for the better...These are Your Cruises! 

Be empowered to create the life you want and deserve. Learn the tools to become the best version of you that you can be…What better way to work on you than on a cruise, away from technology and all of the outside distractions. Be in an environment where you can relax, learn and enjoy not only the workshops but also the entertainment and company from your fellow travelers. There are so many other things that make a cruise amazing! 

Our pricing is also inclusive of the workshops we provide as well as the cruise itself allowing for an on-board experience you will not find anywhere else. 

 So...what are you waiting for...come join us!

This trip was a game changer for me, the beautiful open hearted women have given me not only insights into more of my soul purpose, but the confidence and encouragement to step up and into it more fully. I highly recommend a Soul Sisters Cruise.

Deanne Stock
Soul Sisters Cruiser

About Us

Donna Randell


Inspired Life Events Australia was created by owner Donna Randell over three years ago. With a passion for helping others after a life time of living in 'victim' mentality, Donna has learnt how to change that mindset to one of excitement and a love for life. A passion was created and a will to help one soul at a time.


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